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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This is some* of the crew that sails the SEA of Visibility. We are a collective of independent teaching artists, arts administrators, curators, and mental health workers such as social workers and art therapists. Many people work tirelessly, at this point, volunteering, to achieve our mission of creating a more warm and welcoming world for neurodiverse artists of all ethnicities, incomes, and backgrounds, concentrating on destigmatizing mental illness, and reintegrating our community.


*Some ARTIST ADMINISTRATIVE and MENTAL HEALTH WORKER members of the crew are highlighted here, chosen as point-people for questions about our multidisciplinary and mental health programming and support, but far more artists, teaching artists, volunteers, and participants make SEA who we are. See our Education Program, FREE Virtual Programming, Exhibitions, and Events, and read our Testimonials to learn more about the PEOPLE and the ART in this organization which is more like a MOVEMENT. 

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Anu Annam, is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed exhibiting artist, art educator, arts administrator, and curator, working in the field for 25 years. They are faculty at numerous institutions and have won multiple teaching grants from the New York State Council on the Arts for their work with at-risk and special needs populations. Annam is the Founder and Executive Director of the arts-based organization, designed to fight stigma against mental illness, SEA of Visibility (SEA = Support Expression through the Arts), and the queer organization, BOPPI (Bisexual, Open, Pansexual, People of the Islands). These organizations provide robust arts programming, including events, exhibitions, and education for marginalized people. Her Huntington-based Education and Mentorship program, Anu Annam Arts Education has served many members of the Long Island arts community since 2005, inclusive of students with special needs and typically developing, pre-K, K-12, college, and lifelong learners. Her organization, SEA of Visibility, is currently contributing free and web-based programming to help the community connect and create during the pandemic. They are now developing the SEA of Visibility Integrated Arts Education program which will be offering full virtual courses for a variety of fun and creative disciplines starting this Winter/Spring.


Annam has curated exhibitions at the prestigious Queens Museum of Art (Art Fairs with Legros Cultural Arts), the Islip Art Museum, the Cinema Arts Centre, Farmingdale State College, Museum of Contemporary Arts of Long Island, was in-house curator for Campari <Art House> and is curating the kick-off exhibition for the 2021 Museum of Contemporary Arts of Long Island exhibition line-up. Their programs, exhibitions, and fundraisers have been featured in Newsday, Fios 1, Canvas Magazine, The Hindu, The Week Magazine, and many others. 


Anu Annam earned their BA from Tufts University and Boston Museum School in English Literature and Fine Arts. Select solo exhibitions include Le Salon d’ Art, New York, NY; Shrishti Art Gallery, Jubilee Hills, India, The New York Open Center, New York, NY, Baruch Performing Arts Center with Chitravina Ravikiran, New York, NY; and a mini-Solo Exhibit at the Islip Art Museum in NY. Annam is on the Advisory Committee of the Patchogue Arts Council/MOCA of LI where they recommend artist and venue matches for their programs amongst other advisory duties. 


Annam greatly seeks to aid in the cultural integration of the disabled community, advocating for the inclusivity of physically challenged and neurodiverse people of any race/culture/religion, level of education, class, history of trauma/abuse, gender, and sexual orientation in their daily work. They believe that with kindness, strong social, community, and arts programs, and elimination of discrimination, individuals can be nurtured to thrive as Annam has, through multiple marginalized experiences to lead a meaningful life

Meet The Team

Our Virtual Access & Marketing Team

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Laura Resurreccion Designer & Social Media

Danielle Davis Designer & Social Media, opera singer, show producer and designer .

Laura Resurreccion, Web Designer, visual artist and commercial designer​​​​​​​​​

Mark Cansino Web Assistant

Sam Neuk Design Assistant, Designer, and illustrator


Dan Seagraves, videographer and editor–Social Media Live

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