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sight of sound

create, paint, sculpt - "see" the music of these artists

Figure & Portrait Drawing

Tuesdays 7:00-9:30 pm Clothed

Patchogue Arts Council

Museum of Contemporary Art L.I.

2 Terry Street, Patchogue


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Summer Schedule

Past Events
  • Harnessing the Power of Comic Books
    June 6 Monday 4-6 Archie Comic Workshop with the CEO of Archie Comics (1 session with Book Signing)- Instructor: Nancy Silkerbleit

    • Description: Nancy Silberkleit, Co-CEO of Archie Comics, will present Comic books + People = Reading, confidence, creativity, and more... Comic Books can be a useful aid to communicate current events, social issues, as well as emergency instructions with rich pictures paired with clear, simple language that may be easier to grasp.  Comics may also offer a powerful outlet to express ourselves through pictures.

  •     Storytelling for a Better World
    June 4 Tuesdays 6/7-6/28 (4 sessions)- Ama Yawson

    • Description: Stories have power, and in this four part series you will learn the power of story telling in the learning world. Join Ama Yawson for this impactful workshop. 

  •     Going Hollywood (Photography)
    Monday 6/6 7-9pm (1 session)- Instructor: Eileen Novack 

    • Black and White, Shadows, Hard Light, Beautiful People, Beautiful Clothes, Dramatic Poses. Glamor Personified in a Film Star. Making the star shine as bright as possible back in the when film was king and was not even possible for it to capture anything red. “Orthochromatic” film back in the day was not sensitive to red, which is why safe lights in the darkroom were red. This caused anything red on the model to go darker that it would appear to the eye. Red lipstick and nails, were okay, a ruddy complexion on a female star was not good. Hence the heavy use of pancake makeup at times. On male stars it could work.

  •     Teen CONTEXT 2 CONTENT
    Wed 6/22 (1 session)- Instructor: Anu Annam & Model Kai Wagner

    • Instruction: Light to moderate instruction. Open to all levels and abilities. Contact Instructor, Anu Annam to discuss any special accommodation. Materials: Bring your own supplies. 

    • This Figure drawing class encourages participants to imbue truth and meaning into their drawings through the stories of their subjects, combining what is learned through a brief model interview, with their appearance. The class is a meditation on the soul and wishes to dismantle preconceived notions by gaining knowledge and forming an authentic connection with the subject, which translates to a piece of art that genuinely engages the viewer.

  •     Color Pencil
    Monday 6/13, 6/20 4-6:30- Instructor: Margaret Minardi 

    •  In this colored pencil workshop we will be working on trompell’oeil still lives.  Techniques will include working with the grain of the page and wax blooming.  Incredible drawings can be created with colored pencil.  They are controllable and fun to work with.

  •     Drum n’ Dance
    Monday 6/13, 7:00-8:00- Oya Bangura and Thomas McKenna

    • Description: A fun, community-centered West African Dance Class with a live Drummer. All levels, ages, and abilities are welcome!  

  •     Bollywood Jam 
    Sunday 6/12 1:00-2:00- Instructor: Preya Patel

    • Description: 
      Basic hand exercises, footsteps, and expressions will be the foundation of this class. This class will also teach you some authentic Bollywood moves and techniques. We will put all of that together into a fun song which will culminate into a dance piece you can practice on your own or perform for your friends!

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Free teen classes
13-17 years old
at the cinema arts centre

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UPCOMING 2022 Drawing Courses with full catalog coming in April

SEA of Visibility Integrative Arts Education supports mental wellness through socially conscious, multi-disciplinary arts programming. Our classes and open studios are inclusive of neurodiverse and neurotypical students and provide a safe space to create expressively.

2021 classes
& open House with exhibit