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The Full Story


This is from the mouths of those affected by the programming.

“Omg Richard came home so excited about his play. Please thank Ms. Ama for me! Let me know if she has other classes down the line!” --Emma


“Thanks again for finding this class for me I really thrived and had funds in it”--Richard


-- Emma Ramirez (mom) and Richard Ramirez, LatinX teen with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) staying in school after SEA Education program he “found his art” and made an anti-bullying video. Contact at Archie Comics is looking to coordinate a TEDx for him now.



Trans student and mom co-writing a “coming out” illustrated book for trans youth


“As a BIPOC /Disabled artist, I feel so welcome through Sea of visibility every time I go to one of the events; I never have to worry about how it’s going to be hard or scary there’s always kindness and compassion between everyone involved


I find Sea of visibility an inclusive organization that prides itself on diversity and ensuring that everyone can live up to their best potential through art, music, and dance.


I am a Patron that is becoming more involved. As time goes on, I find Anu gives excellent instructions through her various classes making sure that everyone is up to speed, and tries her best to make sure everyone is welcome.


Through events such as Drawing Out Our Talent  and Context 2 Content as well as many others, I feel the sea of visibility can weave in a beautiful narrative that draws in crowds beyond the organization bringing in families, friends, and relatives together for a beautiful experience that is enjoyable for all.”


--Kyle Horne, neurodiverse African-American illustrator living with chronic illness


“As an artist with a mental illness, the opportunity to create a space for art to happen is profoundly healing and exciting. I really gained a boost of confidence in having this chance to plan, organize and direct my class. The ability for an artist to be paid for their work is so important to the morale of the art community: seeding the hope of new shared experiences with the public and the creation of cultural experiences for the public good.”


--Mark Propper, queer bipolar painter, participant and new educator


“In August I had the pleasure of being one of the featured artists in the group show "The Voyage" presented by S.E.A and hosted at the Huntington Arts Council. With 30 participating artists from different backgrounds and disciplines you definitely felt the community come together and celebrate for that evening. Following all Covid guidelines to ensure everyone's safety.”


--Suuey Gutierrez, El Salvadorian Artist


Art has always been a big part of my life, but it can be a challenge on Long Island to find other artists to connect with, especially during Covid. SEA of Visibility allowed me to find like-minded artists and participate in life drawing events, which was a great experience.


--Doug Rubino, artist with bipolar, participant


My son Eryk (13 yrs) had a very positive experience in this art class. Despite having fine motor skills issues, he realized he can actually draw, and saw improvements in his skills during the course He also learned how to assess classmates' artwork, and provide positive feedback.


--Sherrye Glaser, mom of 13 yr old son, Eryk who has Autism and multiple other issues falling under neurodiverse umbrella

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